Successful end of 3-year euro 3.1 M project

On December 31st the 3-year EU FP7 project ELICiT (Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology - ended.  During the project Whirlpool had the possibility to evaluate the magnetic cooling engine integrated with all the optimized technologies on a in production appliance cabinet (Model RE155A ). Whirlpool stated that the success of the project “is extremely important as it reduces the gap between the research and the production phases”.
The cabinet net volume of 142 dm3 was entirely preserved thanks to the Camfridge compact magnetic cooling machine which can be fitted in the cavity at the back of the fridge.
The under-test prototype was also visited in December by Wanda Gaj, Research Programme Officer, DG Research & Innovation of the European Commission and Project officer of the ELICiT project who congratulated all the partners for the great achievements bringing closer to market this high efficient technology.
“Camfridge’s mission is not to show a one-off prototype but to develop all the processes necessary to ensure that a mass market, such as the domestic refrigerators market is, can become a reality when high market demand will be there” said Neil Wilson CEO of Camfridge, adding “On the back of the success of this project we expect to generate service revenue growth in 2017”.